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So here's a list of I dare you to.... to play on the radio.

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Katy Perry is coming to New Zealand for 2 shows. 19th and 20th of December. Vector Arena, Auckland.

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Do you snap alot? But resist to change. Snapchat has updated the app with new features which may impress you or piss you off.

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Still have Windows XP and still living in the past?

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It has arrived. Google Glass is here to take over the 'glasses world' in New Zealand.

Ever get lost on the road? You'll be able to pull over and use your glasses to get GPS co-ordinates to your next destination. That destination may be to the nearest petrol station since you used all your petrol up on trying to find your way from the top of the country to the bottom or vice versa.

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So alot of people who watch NZStephenF LIVE must love a good ol' throwback of something in the past. 'The Year That Was...' will just do that. The segment will focus on music, things that happened back in the year blah blah blah blah and I'll roll just like that. Share the things that happened to you in that year in the comments below or on the new videos that will have the segment. 

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Are you 18 years old or over? Want to become a presenter on MTV? Well you become one - all you have to do is film yourself explaining why you'd be a good pick and upload your video onto Instagram using the hashtag #ConvinceKate and follow @MTVNZ on the good ol' Instagram machine.