Google Glass in New Zealand

Posted by Stephen Falepau on 05/04/2014 9:48pm

It has arrived. Google Glass is here to take over the 'glasses world' in New Zealand.

Ever get lost on the road? You'll be able to pull over and use your glasses to get GPS co-ordinates to your next destination. That destination may be to the nearest petrol station since you used all your petrol up on trying to find your way from the top of the country to the bottom or vice versa.

At the moment, the Google Glass is currently not available for purchase to the general public. But you will be able to check out the Google Glass yourself. Westpac is hosting a road show to show off the Cash Tank App which means Westpac people can check out their account dets on the Google Glass.

What can the glass do at the moment?
It can do alot that a tablet can do. They can Google up things (that enhances the GOOGLE in Google Glass), call people - imagine butt-dialing or in this case - mind/brain dial someone haha, take pictures (selfies), film videos, send messages, and aforementioned in a terrible joke before.. GPS!

I'll keep you up to date when you can buy the fancy piece of technology. ;)

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