Help and Support

help and support

So are you hopelessly confused on how to use the website or don't know what each feature on the website does? This FAQ-formatted page will answer those questions. If none of these questions and answers below answers your question in mind, go to the Contact us page and use the contact form from there.






How do I create an account?

At the top of the page, you should see: . Click 'Register' and follow the prompts.




How do I login?

At the top of the page, you should see: . Click 'Login' and use your E-Mail Address and Password that is stored on the server. If you haven't created an account yet. You can do so by clicking 'Register' to enter the registration process.




How do I reset my password?

Easy to do, just click onto 'Login' and on the page, near the 'Login' button is a "I've forgot my password" link. Click that, enter your e-mail address and you should check your email inbox for an email by us to reset your password. If you haven't received an email from us in your inbox after you requested an email to reset your password. CHECK YOUR SPAM/JUNK FOLDER.




How do I delete my account?

Unfortunately, the feature is not available. But you can disable your account. Disabling your account means that people cannot view your profile page but users can still read comments you left on pages and posts that you submitted to the forum.




How do favourites work on the site?

Favourites allow you to view pages that you like and pages you want to view more often. You can access your liked/favourited pages by clicking 'Profile' at the top of the page to drop down the profile links menu. When the menu drops down, click onto Favourites and your favourited pages will be shown. However, you cannot add single comments or forum topics to your favourites.




How do I favourite pages?

On selected pages, you should see a 'Add to Favourites' button. Click this and the button should fade out and be replaced with a 'remove from favourites' button. You should be able to check your favourites page in the profile menu (at the top of the page), and the page you just favourited, should appear.




How do I delete pages that I’ve favourited?

Visit the page you favourited, and click 'Remove from Favourites' and the page will be removed from your list. Or visit your favourites page in the profile menu (at the top of the page), and once you're on the page. Find the page in the list you want to remove and click 'Remove from Favourites'.