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NZStephenF LIVE - Facebook Connect

NZStephenFLIVE.com is a website rather than a Facebook Application. But we allow you to connect your Facebook account to the NZStephenF LIVE website as a way to make it faster and easier to register and/or login to the website. When you click login at the top of the page, you'll be taken to our login page.


Either login with your E-mail and Password or Connect with your Facebook Account. Please note that if you created an account manually without using the Facebook connect method first. You may find something conflicting that will not accept the connection link and not log you in. This may be a website bug that you should report using the contact form.


You are agreeing that we have access rights to your basic information which may or may not be limited to your Facebook Name, Facebook User ID, Facebook Profile Picture and E-Mail Address.


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